OK, lets get past rumors, because now I have the actual releases. Very exciting. There is a new Anti-Air tank, with two variants, the Stalker and the Hunter. They look to be amazing releases, and the codex is larger than any other 6th edition codex. 176 pages!!!! Oh yea, Robin Cruddace is the Author.

This is very cool, it looks like Space Marines are here!
Officially until there is an announcement, we still have to classify these as rumors.

via anonymous sources
Space Marine Codex
176 pages!!!!! $58
by Robin Cruddace
Cover pic is a close up Ultra Marine pointing forward into battle

War Zone: Damnos
by Phil Kelly
68pages $33

Space Marine Stalker/Hunter
The three barreled Stalker and the Single large barreled Hunter

Space Marine Reclusiam Command Squad
Includes Razorback 5 man command squad and a space marine chaplin

Space Marine Captain
1 model $30

Space Marine Librarian
1 model $30

Space Marine Strikeforce
39 models $220

Space Marine Centurion Devastator/ Assault Squad
3 models $78

Space Marine Tactical Squad
10 models $40

Space Marine Sternguard
5 models $50

Space Marine Vanguard
5 models $40

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